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Facts and Figures

Lethbridge is a city located south in Alberta, Canada. It is southern Alberta's economic, financial, transportation, and industrial hub, with a population of about 128,851 people.

Agriculture in the early 20th century fueled the city's economy and drift mining for coal in the late 19th century.


Generally, Lethbridge has a chilly and moderate climate, with an average temperature of 6.5 °C annually.

Distance From Other Major Locations

A minor airport serves Lethbridge County, which is located just outside the city boundaries. However, because it is not an international airport, Lethbridge may only receive flights from inside Canada.

The drive from Lethbridge to the US border takes around 2-3 hours. The distance between Lethbridge and the United States border is approximately 120 kilometers (74.6 miles) or 64.8 nautical miles.

Zoning Bylaws

The Land Use Bylaw 6300 is the City's biggest bylaw, which specifies the regulations for what type of building or activity can be done on private land. Also, if you want to develop on your land or relocate your business, you'll need a Development Permit first, a Building Permit, and a Business License.

Major Industries and Companies

Wholesale and retail commerce, primary and construction, manufacturing, transportation, and warehousing are all industries in Lethbridge.

In six industrial and commercial parks, more than 100 manufacturing companies use 380,902 m2 (4.1 million square feet) of floor and office space. These parks include Sherring Industrial Park, ChurchHill Industrial Park, Shackleford Industrial Park, Anderson Industrial Park, Broadcast Business Park, and Stewart Siding Industrial Park. Moreover, construction materials, machining, nonmetallic mineral products, manufactured housing, and transportation equipment are some examples of their manufacturing.

Sunrise Poultry, Triple M Housing, Southland Trailer Corp, Lethbridge Iron Works, Haul-All Equipment, and Varsteel are among the major corporations